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Quickshifters sense or nonsense?

What is a Quickshifter and what is its purpose?

In a nutshell, a quickshifter is an electronic device that causes the ignition to be briefly interrupted (is in milliseconds) so that you can upshift without having to use the clutch. Perhaps more importantly, you can upshift without having to close the throttle. You can just keep accelerating at full throttle while upshifting.

So what is the point of this? Maximum acceleration because you can keep the throttle fully open. Actually only useful for track use, there you want to accelerate as fast as possible of course. On public roads, it is primarily a fun addition to sporty driving. Let’s face it, most modern (sporty) motorcycles are more than fast enough to get along nicely in traffic. But we still often want just that little bit extra, that which makes motorcycling so much fun.

Quickshifters at Bunkerparts

The choice of Quickshifters is very large and we supply them from almost all brands. In this article, we focus on the very popular quickshifters from Healtech. What makes this quickshifter so popular?

Healtech supplies this quickshifter with a specific cable set for many engines, so it’s mainly a matter of plugging it in. Furthermore, the Healtech quickshifter can be set up with bluetooth via your phone to suit your needs.

In addition to the convenience of the dedicated cable set and setup via bluetooth, this quickshifter is also competitively priced. We supply these from € 279.00. For example for Yamaha motorcycles This is a complete set of quickshifter, specific cable set and the sensor for near the gear pedal.

Special mention here is the set for the KTM 1290 Superduke, which comes with a replacement shift rod so that the quickshifter can also be installed on this bike without any problems. This for the competitive price of € 321.00.

Healtech quickshifter easy
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TFX Suspension

TFX Suspension is a Dutch company specialized in suspension for motorcycles, quads and ATV.

TFX Suspension was founded by Hans-Dieter Fischer and Alex Meijs after the Dutch suspension company Technoflex closed down in 2010. Hans-Dieter was employed by Technoflex until its closure.

TFX Suspension is a completely new and separate company. They have completely changed the designs and manufacturing technology, improved durability and performance. And a modular design and assembly principle has been introduced.

They offer a wide range of shock absorbers and other products for Motorcycles, Quads/ATV, Side Cars, MX motorcycles and special custom projects. All shock absorbers from TFX Suspension are personalised suspension products.

TFX Suspension Technology stands not only for Technology, Innovation and Service but also for Comfort, Control and Safety.

TFX shock absorber type 141
TFX shock absorber type 141


Importance of good suspension.

Everyone is convinced that good suspension is important. If your suspension is bad, you clearly have less grip in the corners, but your braking distance is also significantly longer. You can have very good tires mounted on your bike, if your suspension is not good the handling will still be disappointing.

Modern motorcycle suspension combines 2 different functions: suspension and damping.

The springs ensure that not every unevenness in the road surface is passed on hard to the frame, it softens it. As a result, the rider doesn’t feel all the bumps. It is therefore very important that the spring is tuned to the rider and the bike.

The damper ensures that the movement of the spring is damped. Otherwise you would continue to sway after every unevenness. With the right damping, your bike springs back once, but also quickly enough, so that your tyre maintains optimum contact with the road surface.


Suspension maintenance

It is important to have your suspension checked and maintained periodically. The oil in your front fork and shock absorber is subject to ageing. The load on the shock absorber and front fork is considerable and the oil loses important properties. But seals can also break down and start leaking. It is obvious that the handling of the bike then becomes significantly worse. This clearly increases the risk of accidents.


What does TFX Suspension have to offer?

TFX supplies high-quality shock absorbers for most applications. The modular design allows for customization at a competitive price.

This composition and adjustment of the shock absorbers is always based on the specific wishes of the motorcyclist. For example, the rider’s weight will be important in fitting a spring with the correct spring rate.

There are also different versions for most applications. The basis is an emulsion shock absorber, where the oil and gas in the shock absorber itself are in the same reservoir. There are also the more advanced versions with an external reservoir so that the adjustment can be regulated even better.

For people who regularly drive with a passenger, it is also possible to have a hydraulic spring pre-loader installed. This allows you to adjust the spring pre-load of your shock absorber to the extra weight by simply turning a knob.

TFX Suspension provides a 5-year guarantee on its shock absorbers.

TFX also supplies high quality springs for both the front fork and shock absorber.

For maintenance of your TFX shock absorber you can also contact us, your shock absorber will function like a new one. It is even possible to have adjustments made if you still want to improve things.

TFX front fork springs
TFX front fork springs

Bunkerparts has been a dealer of this quality brand since the foundation of TFX Suspension. If you can’t find a suitable shock absorber for your application in the webshop, please send us a message, a lot is possible!

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Akrapovic mufflers and systems

Akrapovic history

Akrapovic exhaust mufflers. Akrapovic is a manufacturer of high quality mufflers and exhaust systems for motorcycles and cars. The company is based in Slovenia. In 1977 Igor Akrapovič started racing, however he was not satisfied with the quality of the exhaust systems available at that time in the Eastern Bloc countries and the exhaust systems from the “West” were simply too expensive.

He started a small company where they made their own exhaust systems. This company started with the name Skorpion. In 1993 Kawasaki began testing these exhaust systems in Germany and in 1994 they were used for the first time in international competitions including ESBK and WSBK. After that several other Superbike teams like Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati and Honda started using these exhausts.

In 1997, the name of the company was changed to Akrapovic. After sales had risen sharply, especially in Germany, the production capacity was greatly increased in 1999. For this purpose the company moved to a larger production location. The 450m2 workshop was exchanged for a 3000m2 workshop in Ivančna Gorica. The workshop at this location has since been expanded to 13,000 m2 in 2010.

Akrapovic mufflers
Akrapovic logo

In 2000, the first WSBK world championship was won by Colin Edwards on the Castrol Honda SP-1. Technical developments continued and in other competitions, Akrapovic exhausts were increasingly used until the MotoGP.

Akrapovic mufflers and systems at Bunkerparts

We have been supplying the exhausts and exhaust systems of this top brand almost from the start of our company in 2004. All these years the quality of the stuff has been absolutely top notch. These are characterized by a very sporty sound (even in the versions with E-approval!), more power, more tractive force and a lower weight. The workmanship and attention to delivery are always complete.

akrapovic bmw f 900 xr carbon
Akrapovic slip-on BMW F 900 XR

Akrapovic exhaust mufflers and systems are definitely in the top segment. Especially the Evolution systems with full titanium exhaust pipes are widely used in the racing world. But also for the “ordinary” street rider the brand has very nice products. Very popular at the moment are the systems for the Yamaha MT-09, the MT-07 and BMW S1000RR and the silencers for the new Kawasaki Z900 and the BMW R1250 GS.

So if you are looking for a top end muffler or exhaust system for your bike, you can stop searching, check our site to see what Akrapovic has to offer for your bike or contact us. We supply the total motorcycle program at competitive prices!

Akrapovic yamaha r1 2020 uitlaatsysteem evolution line
Evolution line titanium exhaust system R1 2020


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Evotech Performance accessories BMW R1250GS and Adventure

Evotech Performance has developed a nice line of high quality accessories for the BMW R 1250 GS and R 1250 GS Adventure. From Radiator Guard to Navigation Mount. These accessories are a very nice upgrade for your motorcycle.

Evotech Performance Radiator Guards are made from aircraft aluminum and finished with a durable black powder coating. evotech bmw r1250 gs radiator guard groter Features Hexagonal holes for proper airflow with optimal protection. Very light weight with only 80 grams each! Mounting can be done on the original mounting points, for this a complete instruction is available. This instruction can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s site.

Evotech Performance spindle protectors (wheel axle protection) are equipped with a system that allows the crashpad to rotate in the wheel. This clearly improves the life span and degree of protection in case of a crash. evotech-bmw-r1250-gs-spindle-rear Evotech-Front-Spindle-Bobbins- The end crash pads are milled from aluminum and have a durable black powder coat finish. These spindles provide good protection for the swing arm and calipers in case of a fall.

Evotech Performance Navigation Mount for Garmin mounts to the original mounting points of the windscreen mount. Milled from aluminium and provided with a durable black powder coating. Evotech Performance bmw r1250gs garmin Compatible with all Zumo models from Zumo 220 to Zumo 760LM These are some examples of accessories for these bikes, Evotech Performance also provides engine block protection, hand guards and more.

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DPNS raceparts

DPNS raceparts is a Dutch company specialized in the design and manufacture of high-tech aluminum parts for motorcycles. Often used by circuit racers.

DPNS raceparts makes rear sets, gas caps and yokes for the well-known brands. This mainly for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW and Ducati.

All parts are milled from the highest quality aluminum and color anodized.


DPNS rear sets are suitable for normal and reverse shifting. All parts are easy to replace and of course available separately.

DPNS rearset Panigale V2
DPNS rearset Panigale V2

Fit is great, each part is specifically designed for the model of bike.

Gas caps

The gas caps of DPNS Raceparts are available for the most driven motorcycles on the circuit.

Available for Ducati, BMW, Yamaha and Suzuki among others.

DPNS fuel cap Suzuki
DPNS fuel cap Suzuki

Top Yokes

There is a replacement yoke for the Ducati Panigale and Panigale S. Super strong and light of course.

DPNS yoke Ducati Panigale
DPNS yoke Ducati Panigale


For all parts, quality and function is the most important at DPNS Raceparts.

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Chain riveting…. do it yourself

Chain riveting is possible? Yes, of course you can. however, we recommend using a suitable chain punch for locking links with a hollow pin (e.g. DID, but also most other brands use this system).

Below is an example of a chain punch and a picture of a locking link with x-rings and chain grease

chain punch

Chain tool in parts:

Chain Punch A : A
Chain Punch B : B
Anvil: C
Punching pin: D

chain punch

My tip is not to use the chain punch to break the old chain, pin breaks then quite easily, you can simply divide the old chain using a grinder.

Fit the rivet link with the o-ring or x-ring rubbers in the prescribed manner (use the chain grease supplied) and finally fit the striker plate as shown above. I have used a different color locking plate for clarity in the photo.

chain rivets

Take the chain tool part B and place it behind the chain, the pins of the link are in the recesses of chain tool part B.

Insert the pin (part D) into chain punch part A with the thin pin facing inwards, so that the widest part still protrudes a little. Take the anvil (part B) and slide it over the chain punch part B. Make sure that the anvil falls exactly over the locking plate of the rivet link, see the picture below. Tighten slowly by hand so that everything is properly clamped.

You use two wrenches to tighten the punch until it can go no further. Check in the meantime that the locking plate goes straight over the pins). When the punch can’t go any further, the locking plate has been pushed far enough over the pins (can’t go too far!).

chain rivets
chain rivets

As a final step of the chain riveting process, the pins must be “punched”. To do this, remove the anvil (part C). Now position the upper part of the chain punch (part A) so that the pin with the notch is exactly on the locking pin. Tighten the chain punch again by hand and check that it is exactly straight.


Then use 2 wrenches to tighten the punch until it cannot be tightened any further. I recommend checking in between to see if the locking pin is evenly “bent”. Repeat this with thesecond pin. You then have the chain nicely riveted without it being too “tight”.


Then make sure you have a good maintenance so you can enjoy your new chain as long as possible. Use a good quality chain spray (spray every 250 to 500 km, note: do this after a ride on a warm chain). Of course you can also choose for convenience and mount a (fully automatic) chain lubrication system.

Are you looking for a good chain set for a competitive price? Have a look at our site to see which set we can supply for your bike.

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Vortex V3 2.0 chain

Vortex chain V3 2.0 in gold and in black

Vortex racing has designed a new chain. This motorcycle chain is available in black and in gold color and has the trusted Vortex quality and finish.

Specifications of the chains are:

– x-ring quality chains

– Available in SX3 quality (strong) and RX3 (super strong)

– Available in different lengths

– available in chain widths: 520, 525 and 530

– provided with locking pins with a hollow end, are therefore easy to rivet

These chains are suitable for most modern engines. Check out our website or contact us for more personal advice!

Sales price from € 117,00 including VAT.

Vortex chain
Vortex chain
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Oberon Performance Clutch Slave Cylinders

Clutch Slave Cylinders from Oberon Performance are a nice upgrade for those motorcycles that have a hydraulic clutch. Often this works great but there are also regular problems.



The original slave cylinder (comes with the engine block) doesn’t always work fine and dosage and there are also several that regularly break down, making the clutch not easy to operate. An additional problem is that the original cylinders are often quite expensive.

Solution for this are the Clutch Slave Cylinders of Oberon Performance.


Oberon clutch slave cylinder CLU 0121

These come with a lifetime warranty (in practice, they hardly ever break down) and with an optimal matching of the parts to the engine. This will in many cases make the clutch work finer and more controllable.

On our website you can find and order them of course. A small repair with lots of driving pleasure afterwards.

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Barnett clutch conversion kits

Clutch spring conversion kits from Barnett clutches is the solution to clutch problems on a number of Yamaha motorcycles. Yamaha has equipped a number of its models with a clutch with a diaphragm spring. In practice, this system does not appear to work completely flawlessly. This makes the clutch more difficult to operate and sometimes shows very rapid wear of the clutch plates.

Barnett clutch spring conversion kits consist of a new milled pressure plate fitted with a number of traditional clutch springs. Below is an example of this.barnett clutch springs conversion kits xv1900

Barnett clutch conversion

Less wear and a much more manageable coupling is the result of installing this conversion kit. A relatively simple adjustment with great results.

This clutch spring conversion kit is available for the following Yamaha motorcycles:

  • YZF-R1 1998-2003
  • FJ 1100 en FJ 1200
  • FJR 1300
  • V-Max 1200
  • XTZ 1200 Super Tenere
  • MT-01
  • XV 1600
  • Road Star, Royal Star XV 1700
  • Raider, Roadliner en Stratoliner XV 1900

You can find the various conversion kits on our website