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Oberon Performance Clutch Slave Cylinders

Clutch Slave Cylinders from Oberon Performance are a nice upgrade for those motorcycles that have a hydraulic clutch. Often this works great but there are also regular problems.



The original slave cylinder (comes with the engine block) doesn’t always work fine and dosage and there are also several that regularly break down, making the clutch not easy to operate. An additional problem is that the original cylinders are often quite expensive.

Solution for this are the Clutch Slave Cylinders of Oberon Performance.


Oberon clutch slave cylinder CLU 0121

These come with a lifetime warranty (in practice, they hardly ever break down) and with an optimal matching of the parts to the engine. This will in many cases make the clutch work finer and more controllable.

On our website you can find and order them of course. A small repair with lots of driving pleasure afterwards.

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