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Quickshifters sense or nonsense?

What is a Quickshifter and what is its purpose?

In a nutshell, a quickshifter is an electronic device that causes the ignition to be briefly interrupted (is in milliseconds) so that you can upshift without having to use the clutch. Perhaps more importantly, you can upshift without having to close the throttle. You can just keep accelerating at full throttle while upshifting.

So what is the point of this? Maximum acceleration because you can keep the throttle fully open. Actually only useful for track use, there you want to accelerate as fast as possible of course. On public roads, it is primarily a fun addition to sporty driving. Let’s face it, most modern (sporty) motorcycles are more than fast enough to get along nicely in traffic. But we still often want just that little bit extra, that which makes motorcycling so much fun.

Quickshifters at Bunkerparts

The choice of Quickshifters is very large and we supply them from almost all brands. In this article, we focus on the very popular quickshifters from Healtech. What makes this quickshifter so popular?

Healtech supplies this quickshifter with a specific cable set for many engines, so it’s mainly a matter of plugging it in. Furthermore, the Healtech quickshifter can be set up with bluetooth via your phone to suit your needs.

In addition to the convenience of the dedicated cable set and setup via bluetooth, this quickshifter is also competitively priced. We supply these from € 279.00. For example for Yamaha motorcycles This is a complete set of quickshifter, specific cable set and the sensor for near the gear pedal.

Special mention here is the set for the KTM 1290 Superduke, which comes with a replacement shift rod so that the quickshifter can also be installed on this bike without any problems. This for the competitive price of € 321.00.

Healtech quickshifter easy
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