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TFX Suspension

TFX Suspension is a Dutch company specialized in suspension for motorcycles, quads and ATV.

TFX Suspension was founded by Hans-Dieter Fischer and Alex Meijs after the Dutch suspension company Technoflex closed down in 2010. Hans-Dieter was employed by Technoflex until its closure.

TFX Suspension is a completely new and separate company. They have completely changed the designs and manufacturing technology, improved durability and performance. And a modular design and assembly principle has been introduced.

They offer a wide range of shock absorbers and other products for Motorcycles, Quads/ATV, Side Cars, MX motorcycles and special custom projects. All shock absorbers from TFX Suspension are personalised suspension products.

TFX Suspension Technology stands not only for Technology, Innovation and Service but also for Comfort, Control and Safety.

TFX shock absorber type 141
TFX shock absorber type 141


Importance of good suspension.

Everyone is convinced that good suspension is important. If your suspension is bad, you clearly have less grip in the corners, but your braking distance is also significantly longer. You can have very good tires mounted on your bike, if your suspension is not good the handling will still be disappointing.

Modern motorcycle suspension combines 2 different functions: suspension and damping.

The springs ensure that not every unevenness in the road surface is passed on hard to the frame, it softens it. As a result, the rider doesn’t feel all the bumps. It is therefore very important that the spring is tuned to the rider and the bike.

The damper ensures that the movement of the spring is damped. Otherwise you would continue to sway after every unevenness. With the right damping, your bike springs back once, but also quickly enough, so that your tyre maintains optimum contact with the road surface.


Suspension maintenance

It is important to have your suspension checked and maintained periodically. The oil in your front fork and shock absorber is subject to ageing. The load on the shock absorber and front fork is considerable and the oil loses important properties. But seals can also break down and start leaking. It is obvious that the handling of the bike then becomes significantly worse. This clearly increases the risk of accidents.


What does TFX Suspension have to offer?

TFX supplies high-quality shock absorbers for most applications. The modular design allows for customization at a competitive price.

This composition and adjustment of the shock absorbers is always based on the specific wishes of the motorcyclist. For example, the rider’s weight will be important in fitting a spring with the correct spring rate.

There are also different versions for most applications. The basis is an emulsion shock absorber, where the oil and gas in the shock absorber itself are in the same reservoir. There are also the more advanced versions with an external reservoir so that the adjustment can be regulated even better.

For people who regularly drive with a passenger, it is also possible to have a hydraulic spring pre-loader installed. This allows you to adjust the spring pre-load of your shock absorber to the extra weight by simply turning a knob.

TFX Suspension provides a 5-year guarantee on its shock absorbers.

TFX also supplies high quality springs for both the front fork and shock absorber.

For maintenance of your TFX shock absorber you can also contact us, your shock absorber will function like a new one. It is even possible to have adjustments made if you still want to improve things.

TFX front fork springs
TFX front fork springs

Bunkerparts has been a dealer of this quality brand since the foundation of TFX Suspension. If you can’t find a suitable shock absorber for your application in the webshop, please send us a message, a lot is possible!

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